Our Programs

HOPE Calloway strives to provide assistance and support to community members who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. We have several programs that help address the various and unique needs of our community.

Transitional Housing

The number one goal of our transitional housing program is to help families and individuals transition from homelessness to stable, permanent housing. We have two locations for this program, Gentry House and OpportUNITY House. Gentry House exclusively houses families with children, while OpportUNITY house is available to anyone else in need. Both of these locations allow residents to live temporarily in a safe and supportive environment in their own apartment and among a community who is rallying for their success. Every resident is connected with individual, supportive coaching to help them address any area in their life that cause homelessness and build a path towards long-term stability and success.

Pathways to Success

At HOPE Calloway, we strive to connect people to their own individual path to success. One way we do this is by connecting people to individual, supportive coaching to address their needs and any risk factors they have that cause homelessness. We believe that individualized supports are key to long-term success. That’s why we try to connect people to the right resources for their specific needs. This program is a required component of our transitional housing program, but is offered to other community members at no cost to them. Participants of this program will find themselves in a better position to be able to face the various barriers that may be preventing them from experiencing long-term stability and permanent housing.


LifeLabs are a set of unique workshops that we offer at no charge to the community throughout the year. Workshops rotate between four key areas: housing stability, financial wellness, career development, and personal growth. Each workshop is different and engaging. We have seen tremendous success from participants. For example, one recent participant of a CareerLab came to us and said that she had finally been able to secure a job for the first time in years because of the skills she learned in the workshop! It’s stories like these that make LifeLabs so important.


The Reunification program assists homeless residents and stranded travelers who need transportation assistance to return to their home communities and/or support systems because remaining in the Calloway area is not in their best interest. HOPE Calloway will provide travel accommodations to verified locations where clients families and loved ones are present to pick them up.


We realize that when teens and young adults respond differently when faced with homelessness. That’s why we have developed GroundWork, a program for homeless and at-risk individuals between the ages of 17 and 24. Participants in GroundWork may live in our transitional housing or be connected through our outreach services. Either way, participants are connected to supportive coaching to help them navigate the transition to adulthood while also preventing or overcoming homelessness. We use a research-based curriculum for GroundWork participants that teaches independent living skills; then we help them apply those skills to the real world as they work towards long-term stability and success.

Homelessness Prevention

Homelessness Prevention provides a range of services aimed at addressing issues that prevent clients from becoming self-sufficient and could eventually lead to eviction and homelessness. Services include supportive coaching, information and referral, employment assistance, and financial assistance. Financial assistance may be in the form of rental assistance to pay past-due rent and prevent eviction, transportation assistance to help people get back and forth to jobs and school, or for other essential needs.


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Call us if you are in need of housing or emergency assistance. If it is after hours and you are experiencing an emergency, contact local law enforcement.

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