Kyle N. and Family
Former Gentry House Resident

Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week

This is my story…

No one should have to worry about whether they will have food on their plate or a roof over their head. But the reality is that hunger and homelessness are widespread problems that affect far too many people.

Unfortunately, the people who suffer the most are often overlooked and ignored. As a community, it is time to open our eyes to see the people who are hungry or homeless. Don’t make them feel invisible. Show them compassion. Give them hope.

Listen to the stories…

Homelessness doesn’t always appear as you would envision it. Some people who are homeless may have full-time jobs, be clean-shaven and well-spoken, have a high school diploma or college degree, but have been victims of circumstances beyond their control. Some are teenagers or college students who are known as “couch surfers.“ Some are single mothers who are escaping domestic violence. Others are married couples who have lost their jobs and have found themselves to be down on their luck. And some might be struggling to make ends meet because of a devastating medical diagnosis such as cancer. The scenarios are endless. ALL of these people have a story.
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A Community in Need

Many Americans are living on the edge, forced to choose between basic necessities like purchasing food, paying rent, or going to the doctor. The poverty rate in our community is three times higher than the national average. We are inundated every day with requests for housing from families and individuals who are living on the streets, in vehicles, or “couch surfing“ until they can afford a place. We receive constant requests for emergency assistance from families who are just trying to make ends meet so they don’t end up destitute or homeless.


43.1 million Americans live below the poverty level
549,000 Americans are homeless on a typical night
42 million Americans are at risk of suffering from hunger
1 in 5 children in the U.S. live in poverty

Our Community

34.1% of Murray residents live below the poverty level
40+ people request housing assistance each week
1500+ receive food assistance from various agencies
40% of children qualify for free or reduced lunch

What You Can Do


Give generously to support the fight against homelessness at HOPE Calloway. Your financial support goes directly to helping keep people off the streets and in their homes.
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Register for you or a group to volunteer with HOPE Calloway by visiting our volunteer page.


Spread the word to help raise awareness about the fight against hunger and homelessness in our community. Be a voice for those who need it the most!


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Call us if you are in need of housing or emergency assistance. If it is after hours and you are experiencing an emergency, contact local law enforcement.

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